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How to Find a Somatic Healer


How to Find a Somatic Healer

Somatic psychology or body psychotherapy moves beyond talk therapy to include an individua’s lived experience and bodily felt sense, as

Psychodynamic Approaches

Our personalities are shaped through the developmental stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, and as young adults. During these early stages

The Bias of Evidence-Based Research

Empirical research must rely on simulations of naturalistic, real-life circumstances. The trustworthiness of empirical research relies on a prevailing assumption

Being a Hostage in a Foreign Country

The most dramatic influence that ignited my passion to research combat-related posttraumatic stress stemmed from my own personal experiential trauma.

The Spiritual Warrior Mentality

Masculine energy is like fire. When it is used properly it is creative, practical, benevolent and visionary. When misused it


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