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What is Developmental Trauma?

What is Developmental Trauma? Unresolved trauma tends to be the ball and chain that imprisons us in a world of self-sabotage, self-defeating behavior, impulsiveness, fear-based

Psychodynamic Approaches

Our personalities are shaped through the developmental stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, and as young adults. During these early stages of the development process we

Psychedelic-assisted Therapies for PTSD

Psychedelic-assisted therapies are another PTSD treatment that has shown great promise, and is finally gaining acceptance in the mental health community. Psychedelic assisted-therapies refer to

The Bias of Evidence-Based Research

Empirical research must rely on simulations of naturalistic, real-life circumstances. The trustworthiness of empirical research relies on a prevailing assumption that evidence-based research results are

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Personal Self Integration

Integration, according to Jung, is a process in which both the individual and collective unconscious are integrated into the personality. Integration represents positive psychological development

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Awareness of one’s body is intimately linked to self-identity, the sense of being “me” . A key question is how the brain integrates different sensory