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Accept Your Gifts as a Healer- What are the Traits of a Healer


Accept Your Gifts as a Healer- What are the Traits of a Healer

  • When you get together with friends or family, do you find yourself attempting to determine their mood when you first walk in the room? This is referred to as energetic pinging and is a useful method to quickly scan or read another person’s energy.
  • Do you find yourself gravitating toward websites and blogs that discuss developing psychic abilities, energy healing, and items of a spiritual nature? Is the percentage of articles you read about this type of subject matter over 50% of your total reading?
  • Do you see repeating numbers frequently such as 11:11, 222, 444, and the like?
  • How many decks of tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards do you have? How many more are you wanting to
  • purchase?

  • Have you experimented with pendulum dowsing, candles, or other methods of retrieving information from spirit?
  • Have you taken classes in Reiki or similar types of energetic healing?
  • Do children and animals gravitate toward you?
  • Are you highly sensitive to the energy around you? Your energy may cause light bulbs to burn out frequently or cause streetlights to flicker.
  • Are you extra-sensitive to watching violent movies or scenes on television? Has this sensitivity increased in the past five years or so?
  • Can you read people’s emotions and energy easily and know exactly what kind of mood they are in? When you mention what you have noticed to someone else, have others not been able to see it and look at you strangely?
  • Do changes in the weather change your mood drastically? Can you sense energetic changes in the Earth such as earthquakes or hurricanes?
  • Do you avoid shopping malls or other large groups of people because you come home feeling completely drained?
  • Do you feel quite shy in a large crowd of people, even when you are normally quite outgoing?
  • Do you feel like an emotional sponge for friends and family? Are you the “go to” person for sorting out another’s problems?
  • Do you avoid arguments or emotionally charged situations? Are you a peacekeeper?
  • Do some people take an instant dislike to you? It because they are rejecting your healing energy.
  • Have you had other paranormal experiences in your life?
  • Are certain drugs ineffective on you or do you have an odd or opposite reaction to them?

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