The Art of Shamanic Ceremonial Psychedelic Facilitation & Experiential Masterclass Immersion

Unlock the Ancient Wisdom, Merge Sacred Traditions, and Transform Lives

Are you ready to delve into the profound realm of psychedelic facilitation and integration guided by the wisdom of ancient traditions and shamanic practices? Dr. Michael Hofrath invites you to embark on a transformative journey through his comprehensive Masterclass Immersion program.

Course Overview

The Essence

The course focuses on the art and science of applying sacred Indigenous ceremony and ritual to enhance psychedelic facilitation treatment protocols.

Unique Approach

Emphasizes the incorporation of ancient traditions, ceremony, ritual, and shamanic healing practices into psychedelic-assisted and/or entactogen-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

Integration Of Wisdom

Merges shamanic healing traditions, psychodynamic depth practices, and spiritual integrity with modern clinical best practices.

Transformative Power

Learn how alternative healing practices can intensify the effectiveness of traditional psychedelic-assisted therapy treatments.

Experiential Masterclass

Hands-On Practice

Optional experiential practicum course allowing students to observe an actual “in-person” shamanic medicine ceremony facilitated by Dr. Michael Hofrath.

Supervised Training

Receive supervised experiential training in medicine ceremonial facilitation, putting into practice everything learned in the course.


Who Should Enroll to This Course


Who Should Not Take This Course

Why Choose This Program

Holistic Approach

Unique blend of clinical best practices, psychodynamic depth psychology, Indigenous ceremonial practices, and trauma-informed care.

Personal Growth

Opportunity for personal growth and healing while training to become a facilitator and integration specialist.

Modern Psychedelic Movement

Join the third wave of psychedelic healing, contributing to a revolution in holistic mental health.

Guidance From An Expert

Dr. Michael Hofrath, a seasoned somatic trauma therapist, shamanic practitioner, and psychedelic-facilitator, leads this transformative training.

Transformative Learning Objectives

Discover the comprehensive set of skills and knowledge essential for a successful journey in psychedelic facilitation and integration.


Foundational Understanding

Gain Insights Into The Art And Science Of Sacred Indigenous Ceremony Integration Into Psychedelic Facilitation.

Accessing Non-Ordinary States

Learn methods to access non-ordinary states of consciousness, the sacred, numinous, and mystical in facilitation.

Somatic And Shamanic Practices

Explore somatic body-based practices, energy healing, and shamanic healing practices for personal and professional development.

Interactive Learning

Engage in interactive and experiential exercises across all program areas.

Respect For Medicinal Qualities

Develop a deep understanding of the effectiveness and subtle qualities of psychedelic medicines.

Psycho-Active Medicine Safety

Learn how to work with psycho-active medicines safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Trauma-Informed Care

Understand and apply the principles and application of trauma-informed care.

Psychodynamic Depth Psychology

Build a foundational understanding of somatic psychotherapy and psychodynamic depth psychology practices.

Shamanic Healing Wisdom

Acquire a strong foundation in shamanic healing methods and energy-based healing practices through ceremony and ritual.

Answer the Call – Begin Your Psychedelic Journey!

Join Dr. Michael Hofrath’s transformative program and become part of the movement shaping the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy. This is an opportunity to unlock ancient wisdom, merge sacred traditions, and embark on a holistic approach to mental health.

Are you ready to step into the sacred role of a psychedelic facilitator and integration specialist? The journey awaits. Enroll now!