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The Art of Shamanic Ceremonial Psychedelic Facilitation & Experiential Masterclass Immersion

The Art of Shamanic Ceremonial Facilitation & Integration Masterclass Retreat offers students additional education specific to psychedelic-assisted facilitation with the opportunity to incorporate course educational material into an experiential facilitation role under direct supervision by Dr. Michael Hofrath.

This course emphasizes the importance of incorporating ancient traditions, ceremony, ritual and shamanic healing practices into psychedelic-assisted and/or entactogen-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

For centuries ancient healing traditions utilized shamanic healing practices, along with sacred medicinal plants, chanting/ prayer, vibrational “energy” medicine, sound healing, aromatherapy, crystals, gemstones, and spiritual emergence.

Synergistically, many of the ancient healing practices are also constructs of Jungian Depth Psychological practices. The integration of shamanic healing traditions/ practices, psychodynamic depth practices and spiritual integrity, as intentional adjuncts, to modern clinical best practices can deepen, and intensify, the effectiveness of traditional psychedelic-assisted therapy treatments.

These alternative adjunct practices have the capacity to transform a clinical set and setting, into a “sacred healing” ‘temenos”, much like the Greek Asclepius healing temples. These alternative modalities can assist psychedelic clients in going deeper into their own inner healing potential, acquire greater access to the underworld of the unconscious psyche and shadow content.

This depth encourages awakened awareness of adverse linear and ancestral conditioned thoughts and behaviors, which often block psychic healing, which in  turn initiates cellular re-patterning and creation of a new connection with spirit.

Additionally, integrating alternative healing practices can provide facilitators with additional resources, tools when working with individuals in altered states of consciousness.


The Masterclass immersion, is an additional (optional) experiential practicum course that allows students to put into practice everything learned in the course. It is a culmination of all the learning objectives put into practice through lived experience.

The optional Masterclass offers students the opportunity to observe an actual “in-person” shamanic medicine ceremony facilitated by Dr. Michael Hofrath.

This is an optional, voluntary and supervise Masterclass. Students will receive supervised experiential training in medicine ceremonial facilitation.

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Course enrollment application will be available on-line, on or around January 1, 2023, for open enrollment strictly for the on-line educational training.

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

Where developed by Dr. Michael Hofrath, a seasoned somatic trauma therapist, shamanic practitioner, psychedelic-facilitator and integration specialist.

Dr. Michael Hofrath created this foundational and accelerated training program to educate potential psychedelic-assisted therapy facilitators and medicine workers on how to incorporate ancestral traditions, shamanic healing methods,the numinous and mystical into psychedelic-assisted and/or entactogen-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

For centuries ancient healing traditions have utilized shamanic practices, sacred medicinal plants, chanting/ prayer, vibrational “energy” medicine and sound, aromatherapy, crystals, gemstones, and spiritual emergence in their healing ceremonies. The shamanic influences in this program are derived from the Q’uero and Shipibo traditions, combined with an eclectic array of neo-shaman and contemporary shamanic healing traditions.

This program integrates clinical best practices with psychodynamic depth psychological. practices and Indigenous ceremonial, ritualistic practices, energy healing modalities. Trauma- informed care, principles and techniques, somatic psychotherapy practices and body-based practices are covered as well.

A primary learning objective of this program is to teach students how to adjunctively merge leading-edge. clinical best practices with shamanic healing traditions, ceremony and ritual, sacred medicinal plants, depth practices and somatic psychotherapy.

Program Eligibility


If you meet the eligibility requirements course enroll through the on-line application


The Art of Shamanic Ceremonial Psychedelic Facilitation & Integration Program is organized around a unique set of intentions to provide students with the opportunity
to engage in their own inner personal growth and healing, while simultaneously, being immersed in training as a facilitator and integration specialist.

Have you started down your own path with psychedelic-assisted therapies as medicine and as a therapeutic treatment modality.

The third wave of psychedelic healing is here. We are witnessing a revolution in the field of healing, through an efficacious vehicle that can break through lifelong trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, mood disorders and mental health barriers within a holistic container of safety, empathy, compassion and love.

During this intensive training you will learn how to harness the incredible power of psychedelic facilitation & therapy into your own practice.

Dr. Hofrath will open doors for you to become part of a long-term vision for educating ethical, well- trained, psychedelic practitioners who will help usher in the modern psychedelic movement.


Masterclass Retreat Objectives

Unique Program Intentions