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The Spiritual Warrior Mentality


The Spiritual Warrior Mentality

Masculine energy is like fire. When it is used properly it is creative, practical, benevolent and visionary. When misused it can burn and destroy out of egoic anger, judgement and resentment.

Being a warrior does not mean we are reckless or careless with our life, or that we try to always be the hero.  A spiritual warrior acts with confidence and faith. A spiritual warrior listens to the subtle voice of his conscience. The masculine spiritual warrior pushes reason aside, listens to his intuition and instincts and acts decisively with a clear purpose.  

When the warrior objectively listens to their heart, they make smarter choices and attain more positive outcomes. This may appear illogical to civilians, but to a spiritual warrior the duty to complete a job or the task at hand is everything.  Bravery and courage while on the planet of Mars is not something warriors necessarily think about. They just do what needs to be done. This way of being under extreme circumstances is engrained and embodied in their training. Real masculinity is not fearless.  This is a fallacy in every regard.

Fear can paralyze us if we allow it to envelope us. However, fear can also energize us if we dig deep, and find that place inside of us to harness fear energy into positive action.  Focused energy heightens our awareness and allows us to make more right choices, and to act with decisiveness and clarity. When we fight our fears and try to resist them, our fears just get bigger and stronger. We give energy to inaction and paranoia, which launches us into worry and manifests inaction.

‘What we resist, will persist’ Jung

The warrior works ‘with’ fear using it as a springboard for action, rather than ‘against’ it. This is a more empowering and stronger path.  Fear can be quickly transformed into clear, and decisive action. The spiritual warrior knows that anxiety is the enemy.  Hesitation paralyzes with fear. This weaker state of mind can quickly eat away at the insides of a spiritual warrior. The warrior must tame fear energy, and channel it into a calm and focused energy to achieve positive results.

Men are physically stronger than women and more intelligent than most other animals. As such there is the belief that men need to portray physical dominance. This could not be farther from the truth.  Dominance and intimidation have nothing to do with masculinity. That is a dimension of the ego that those without masculinity believe to be true because they are acting. They are posing as spiritual warriors. 

They see the actions of the masculine and believe them to be about egoism or physical dominance, but, masculine energy is never about dictating to others or towering over others. It is about the strength and capacity we have to hold love in our hearts, and to give and receive love. It is about the example we set and how we empower and inspire each other. It is how we rise above division and offer service and support to those in need with no thought to color, creed and ethnicity.

Men and women need masculine energy as much as they need feminine energy. Without one or the other we are incomplete.

The New Age man sometimes confuses the warrior with warmongers. The real warrior is a man of peace, a man that realizes that his highest bravery comes from being at peace with himself and understands that this translates to peace in the world.

Violence or other physical domination is weakness not strength, and the antitheses of masculinity. Vulnerability requires the ultimate courage. The mature warrior acts out of love.

The whole person is a combination of feminine and masculine, the height of connection, creativity and free will. War is fear’s lowest ebb, neither masculine nor feminine it is a vortex of paralyzing fear and cowardice that halts creativity and free will and lashes out in terror against the conscience of masculinity. It has only one lasting solution, its opposite pole, and the flow of love.

Warrior Exercise

Please sit and concentrate for a moment.

Imagine yourself standing on top of a huge mountain. You are a picture of confidence and bravery.

As far as you can see, your life is full of limitless possibilities and enchanting opportunities. It is as though the universe itself is telling you that whatever you want to do, it will support you and help you. That it will help you and love you.

You stand hand on hips, a little like Superman, and in that moment you realize that in this now, there is nothing to fear, there is nothing but triumph in every step you take.

That who you are to become is not about the things that you might own, or the career that you might unfold, but how you love in this moment, right now and in every present moment.

You stand, the wind blowing about you, the sky all around and the world the most magnificent playground where you cannot fail.

You stand and you feel connected through all 360 degrees. Your feet are one with the earth and rooted in the mountain. Your face and eyes, drinking in the wind and clouds all around you, and the top of your head, coupled to the heavens.

There is nothing in your past that you regret; every event has been another step to the top of this mountain. Standing in the middle of this now. And in your future, there is nothing to fear, nothing to fear, it is all the flow of love.


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