He ended my suffering, helped me reclaim my life, and guided me to discover my true purpose—a true soul healer. Steve


Empowering Souls Through Deep Alchemized Soul Healing For Embodied Freedom And Wholeness

I assist clients on becoming comfortable with that which was too uncomfortable, to learn how to be with…self, fear, guilt, shame, grief, loss, and stress.

Often we feel stuck, lost, scattered or disconnected. With my assistance and guidance individuals learn how to move through the “swampland of the soul”, out of density and darkness into the light.

From here we can live a fully expressed and empowered life. Living in our higher self, higher consciousness, higher vibration and frequency is the path to true freedom.


Body Mind Wholeness Inc. empowers individuals to embody their highest self, align with their truest essence and remember who they are, through an alchemized array of ancient Indigenous healing practices merged with an eclectic combination of modern healing modalities, entheogen medicines, ceremony, and educational training.


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