Integrative & Holistic Somatic EMDR Depth Psychologist

Dr. Michael Hofrath

Michael G. Hofrath | Body Mind Wholeness

“How we perceive and process external challenges, directs our reactive behavior – shaping the trajectory of our life.”

Advanced Trauma Specialist (RIITM), EMDR, NeuroAffective Touch (NAT), Addiction, Psycho-Spiritual, Psychedelic Integration Counseling & Shamanic Healing Practices.

As an psychodynamic trauma specialist Michael works with all forms of complex trauma & PTSD; combat-related & civilian PTSD, depression, childhood and sexual trauma, anxiety/ mood disorders, survivors’ guilt, shame, grief, betrayal, moral injury, psycho-social/ psycho-spiritual maladies. Additionally, as a psychedelic integration counselor Michael embodies extensive experience working with plant medicine, MDMA, Psilocybin, DMT, meditation, mindfulness practices, shamanic healing practices, ceremony/ ritual and Hero’s Journey rite of passage initiations.

The Healing Power of Somatic Body Psychology | Body Mind Wholeness

The Healing Power of Somatic Body Psychology

Heal the Body, Heal the Soul. The study of Somatic Experiencing was first developed through the observation of animals in the wild. Despite frequently facing life threatening situations, they are able to return quickly to their normal lives. What makes humans so much more susceptible to the devastating effects of trauma?

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