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Admin Forms, Surveys & Handouts

I will be unavailable from October 9 thru October 30.

New Client On-Boarding Admin Documents

BMW Biopsychosocial Client History Form
BMW Credit Card Authorization
BMW Inc. Release of Liability 2023
Commitment to Treatment Statement
Office Policies & Procedures 2023

Wheel of Life Exercise

Alternative Surveys

Ace Score Questionnaire
Body Insight Scale
Five Facet MQ full
Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief (ICSG)
Mindfulness Scale
Perceived Stress Scale
Somatic Disorder Questionnaire Sdq20
Stressful Life Events Scale Q Revised
The Authenticity Scale

Handouts & Self-Surveys

ACA Laundry List
Felt Sense Sensations Words
How Can I Communicate Better
How Surrendered Are You
How to Overcome the Inner Critic

Saying What you Mean and Meaning What you Say

Shadow Work Worksheet

Veterans & First Responders

Life Events Checklist
Moral Injury Scale (MIQ) Military Version
Personal Growth Initiative Scale Questionnaire