Jungian-based Life Coaching & Personal Development

Life Coaching is an investment in yourself that will benefit you throughout your entire life. The only thing that stands between you and attainment of your dream life are the perceived obstacles you fear.

We can’t do everything ourselves. Seeking guidance from an experienced Life Coach in the self- development and success field is not only smart, but courageous. It takes great courage to seek the guidance of a mentor and coach.

Principles of Jungian-based Life Coaching

I provide life coaching grounded in Jungian philosophy, somatic science and depth psychology. Below is a short list of these principles.

  1. To achieve our goals and dreams in life, body and mind must be in alignment with each other. We have to explore the way in which we live our life to better understand what holds us back from achieving our goals.
  2. Challenges and obstacles that hold us back in life, stifle our career success or hinder our ability to have healthy, loving relationships are often gifts in disguise. Life is a journey of learning experiences. What we perceive to be obstacles, challenges or setbacks can actually be construed as growth and self-development opportunities. Life’s challenges and setbacks offer invaluable wisdom and knowledge. Obstacles can become our greatest teachers if we can just shift our perspective.
  3. The key to achievement is alignment between our intentions, thoughts and belief systems. Deeper understanding and awareness regarding the root causes, or origin, of issues that keep us stuck, allow for a shift in our awareness, which then accelerates forward movement exponentially.
  4. If we continue to approach our life in the same way we always have, we will continue to get what we always got! The one constant in life is change. We have to learn how to embrace change instead of resisting change. Often a substantial shift or change in the way we approach our life is necessary. We do not have to live our life the way we were told we had to live it, or even the same way others live their lives. In fact it is imperative we step into our authentic truth and live our life the way we choose to live our life.
  5. From a neurobiological perspective body and mind are intimately intertwined. To achieve our personal, career and relationship goals we must pursue development in all three areas simultaneously.
  6. Creative solutions often arise organically after we learn how to get out of our own way. Success in any area of life does not necessarily need to be difficult, hard or complex. That is a fallacy. More to the truth is that we have to stop trying and start doing. Success, achievement, and happiness are action-oriented constructs. We can’t think our way into right action. We have to act our way into right thinking!
  7. Focused intention, self-awareness and presence are vital components of human potential, achievement and success in life. When we learn how to show up for our life, we can shift into a state of empowerment and thriving. Anything can be accomplished when we embody the state of thriving,as long as our goals and intentions are in alignment with our best self.

Components of Jungian-based Life Coaching


Empowerment refers to the creation of one’s life versus reacting impulsively, like a puppet on a string. I teach clients how to overcome daily challenges through taking fearless, committed actions for tangible results.

There are certain necessary life skills and tools we all need as we move through the various stages of self-development and phases of our life. It is important we develop more self- awareness in order to build successful careers and create a passionate life. When we feel empowered we are free to create the life of our choosing and live our dreams through personal freedom.

Every day we make choices. These choices range from trivial to profound. However, we are all a manifestation of all our choices. Learning how to make more right choices versus dis-empowering choices will instantaneously alter your life direction and perspective toward life.

Empowerment is about awareness of our strengths, and positive qualities. We often forgot about, or belittle, our positive traits when faced with fear, doubt, confusion, or critical life challenges. I educate clients on how to embody their inherent strengths.

Overcome Limiting Belief Patterns
It doesn’t matter what area of your life is in disarray, or how much internal housekeeping is required. Transformation has no limitations. It is our limiting belief patterns learned in childhood that hold us back from becoming self-realized and individuated. We can have amazingly loving relationships, deep interpersonal family relationships, and a skyrocketing career once we let go of our self-imposed limitations.

Reconnect with Self
Much of our pain suffering stems from rumination on the past or future and disconnection from self. This disconnect happens slowly over time and unconsciously outside the realm of our conscious awareness. We begin losing touch with what is truly important in our life. This disconnect transpires because it never occurs to us to question and investigate our thoughts!

Thoughts manifest from our internal self, and of course, we naturally think they are all true and real. We consciously label our thoughts as truth without thoroughly examining the details of our thoughts to ascertain truth from fallacy. As humans we are constantly evolving. Many of the internal story’s we tell ourselves and external stories we tell others are no longer true and may have never been true.

We make assumptions and then process them as facts. Many of our belief systems are based on unrealistic expectations, attachment to material objects or people and projections. We rarely stop to consider that maybe, just maybe our way of thinking may be skewed or prejudiced by external phenomena. It can be difficult to let go of old stories. It is our stories that define us through our identity and our personality.

I assist clients in discovering their truth and in how to let go of old stories so they can create new stories. This allows clients to disregard lifelong emotional baggage once and for all.

Intuitive Healing
Our intuition and instincts are the reason we are still alive. Often we disconnect from our intuitive sense and relay on our unreliable conscious ego. I assist clients through internal exploration of the interface between psyche and soul. Obstacles and challenges are learning experiences that provide opportunities for growth and maturity, despite the pain and suffering they may cause.

I support clients in the resolution of their internal and external conflicts. In doing so I help clients move through, and toward a deeper sense of self, life purpose physical health, financial stability and career success, inclusive of harmonious relationships, happiness, and peace of mind.

Personal Self-Development
As humans we are all imperfect. It is our imperfection that provides us with space to evolve and grow in all areas of life. Self- improvement, and self-realization are vital components of any successful life. I guide clients through this evolutionary process to create a deeper, more actualized sense of self.

Four Realms of Self-Development for a Successful Life

Mental: Personality and identity, belief patterns, purpose and calling, expectations, attachment style, thinking behavior, communication style, relationship to trust and to fear, self- sabotage behaviors, perception of self, self-worth and self-confidence.

Emotional: Emotional stability, processing style, affect regulation, attachment style, belief system re-patterning, relationship to self and others, coping and stress skills.

Physical: There are two areas in the physical realm that we will address.
1. Health: Overall health and fitness, medical-related issues, lifestyle and nutrition.
2. Vocation & Finances: Relationship to money, life purpose, goal setting, career goals, financial goals and the development of strategic action plans.

Spiritual: The spiritual component is more of a psycho-social process in which we will explore spiritual beliefs and spirituality, consciousness and self-awareness, individuation and self- discovery, connection and love, as each construct interconnects and defines our identity and personality.

Six Primary Constructs of Jungian-based Life Coaching

  • Clarity regarding what you want, why you want it and how to achieve your dreams.
  • Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.3.
  • Strategies and techniques to facilitate reaching goals faster.
  • Overcome obstacles, low confidence, low self-worth and insecurities.
  • Explore and evaluate all alternatives and options to determine most effective action steps.6.
  • Dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation from a professional coach.

Sometimes we think we know what we want in our lives, but we struggle to define it. We know we are not happy in our current situation, but we don’t know how to change our current circumstances. Together we will explore these areas and define what is truly important and how to manifest our intentions. Goal setting is a process of subtraction and addition. Together we will create a dynamic step-by-step action plan that will enable you to achieve all your goals.

If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got! This pattern must be broken in order to move forward. There needs to be a shift in thinking and the way we approach our life. I can help you uncover these adverse patterns and to work through them. A new awareness opens the gates to a new way of thinking and a new way of acting.

My unique process of inquiry allows me to ask the right questions to create the right strategies for the attainment of the right goals. I challenge clients to become their best self and push clients past their own self-imposed limitations. From these discoveries we can create strategies that are in alignment and support success in all areas of life.

Overcome the Inner Critic
The ‘Inner Critic’, the committee in our head thrives on self-criticism. Our ‘self-talk’ is the difference between success and failure. The inner critic will rationalize every reason why we can’t and won’t succeed. The inner critic manifests every worst-case scenario imaginable, which stops us in our tracks.

The inner critic represents the conscious (ego), whose only job is to protect us from external harm. However, the inner critic lies to us daily. The inner critic (ego) doesn’t know the difference between a truth and a lie! So everything the inner critic hears is believed as truth. Listening to the inner critic develops limiting belief patterns that hold us back. The inner critic doesn’t work from facts, intuition or instinct.

The inner critic bases everything off the past, developmental childhood wounding and trauma. The inner critic often just mimics the voice of inherited limiting belief patterns from family, friends, teachers and our peers. Limiting belief systems create insecurities and low self-confidence, which become obstacles to achievement potential.

I teach clients how to shut down the inner critic and listen to their intuition and instinct, which never lie and are always right. I am highly experienced in uncovering these adverse core belief patterns and in helping clients overcome them.

Through the process of inquiry and exploration I assist clients in identifying all the obstacles that hold them back and prevent effective forward movement. I assist clients in rediscovering their internal motivation and inspiration.

I am dedicated to helping all my clients achieve the success tin all areas of their life through unparalleled support, guidance and direction. My only interest is your success and happiness.

Benefits of Life & Personal Development Coaching

Clarity of Purpose
You will gain clarity of purpose. It is hard to achieve anything worthwhile when you’re unable to define your purpose in life. By clearly defining the ‘why’ behind our thoughts and actions we gain clarity regarding the priorities that are important, and the priorities that we perceive to be important, but really are just distractions. Busyness is a form of deflection from our primary purpose. Clear priorities that are in alignment with our purpose makes a world of difference. We free up time that we didn’t think we had.

If we are not accountable to anyone other than our self, it is way too easy to distract ourselves with trivial life issues that fill up all our time, which makes for the great excuse “I’m just too busy”. Being held accountable by another person shifts that dynamic and helps to push through stumbling blocks and challenges.

Insightful Perspectives
I will provide insightful perspectives on all areas of client’s lives. The perspective of an objective third-party allows me to push clients to reach deeper and higher. I help clients see through a different lens and with a new perspective.

Experiential Knowledge
I provide a great deal of experiential knowledge, very much similar to a mentor, to assist and guide clients through difficult times.

Increase Productivity
I teach clients how to work smarter instead of harder to achieve more in less time. Your productivity will naturally increase with my guidance and direction.

Action Steps
I provide clients with action steps and homework after each coaching session. Learning how to be consistent and partake in small action steps daily is a key component of success and progress.

Mitigate Distractions
Time wasting activities i.e. video games, social media, mindless television are highly destructive. They de-motivate ambition and deter us from achievement. I hold clients accountable to themselves and time management to avoid mindless, time consuming distractions.

Time Management
Time management is a discipline that requires mastery for success. I teach clients the discipline of time management with tools to track how they spend their time.

Enhance Communication Skills
Clients naturally improve in conveying their thoughts, ideas and emotions through an accountability process. I teach clients how to be active listeners, and communicate in a direct and concise manner, which improves how they articulate thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Increase Self-Confidence

Clients feelings toward self and their way of being will increase dramatically. I teach clients how to embody self-confidence and self-worth from the inside out. Clients learn how to exude confidence at all times, despite what may be transpiring in their life.

Healthier Lifestyle

Our health is paramount to our success. Without our health and vitality we cannot expect to achieve our goals. Often we neglect our health and wellness as an afterthought and put our bodies health at the bottom of the priority list. I teach clients how to live healthier lifestyles, which supports every area of their life.

Healthier Relationships

Understanding how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships supports success. I teach clients how to improve their personal relationships with romantic partners, friends and business associates. I teach clients how to respect and nurture existing connections, while learning how to develop, build new relationships through business networking and socially.

Work-life Balance
It’s easy to get sidetracked when in pursuit of personal and/ or career goals. Often we forsake work-life balance as a vital construct of achievement and success. Tunnel vision on the end goal can results in a misalignment in our relationships with partners, children, other family members and friends. We cannot lose touch with the big picture and purpose of achievement, which is success in all areas of life.

Goal Attainment
Goals are important. However, we have to make sure we pursue the right goals. I assist clients to remain grounded, define the right goals for their purpose and to stay on track.

Financial Stability
Almost everyone dreams of making more money. However, budgeting and making smart financial choices are an integral component of financial success. I help clients develop smart money management and sound financial strategies.

Overcome Fears
Fear stops most of us in our tracks. However, fear is false evidence appearing real. We must overcome illusive fears, based on past experiences in order to achieve and for success. I help clients overcome their fears that are often based on false evidence. I illuminate the pain-versus- pleasure paradigm so that it serves our higher self, instead of holding us back.

Embrace Change

We are taught by our parents, teacher, coaches and peers to fear the unknown. If something is unknown why fear it? We can just as easily embrace the unknown as an exciting adventure. I help clients learn how to think positive and embrace change. What we resist will persist.

Improve Motivation
It is not easy to internally motivate ourselves day in and day out. Yet, that is the discipline of success. Motivation is developed through grounding in our truth and alignment of our intentions. I help clients understand what motivates them from an internal perspective and how to maintain daily motivation

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