Addiction Recovery & Family Counseling

When it comes to addiction recovery a sincere and highly knowledgeable addiction counselor can make all the difference in the world. Michael’s experience in the addiction recovery field spans some 15 years. He understands the confusion, fear, and emotional overwhelm addicts and their family members go through.

Addiction counselors provide a support system for both addicts and their family members throughout the addiction/ recovery process. No matter the circumstances Michael’s experience and knowledge can help addicts move through crisis -related issues and facilitate a long-term addiction management treatment plan. Michael conducts crisis interventions and provides sober companion services based upon availability.

The decision to seek treatment for addiction is not an easy one. It takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. A therapeutic alliance can provide guidance in crisis situations, planning, organization and logistical preparations for addicts seeking to recovery, which is often a vulnerable time in. As such therapeutic alliances can be a key factor in a successful addiction recovery process.

Sober Companion Services

Sober companions are instrumental for emotional support during the addiction, recovery process. Unlike therapists, life coaches, or sponsors, a sober companion attends social situations with clients.  A sober companion provides an additional layer of safety. Sober companions may spend several hours with their clients or they may live with the client for brief periods of time.  Sober companions often go on business trips, attend meetings, social gatherings, even go on vacations with clients to for support and to steer them away from events, people or circumstances that may trigger them to use.

Often sober companions possess long-term recovery themselves so they understand the difficulties of being newly sobriety and can offer suggestions from an experiential perspective.  Sober companions provide clients with a professional friendship to reduce the propensity for depression, loneliness and overwhelming anxiety, which are all triggers for addicts, while assisting them in rebuilding their social skills and confidence.

A sober companion is very much like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to recovery assistance. They are not a maid service, personal assistant or chef.  However, every circumstance is unique. At times it may be necessary for a sober companion to assist clients with domestic issues such as grocery shopping, managing appointments and deadlines, and often attend addiction recovery meetings. Even if a sober companion does not live with a client they are typically on call 24 hours a day, to help clients manage cravings, triggers, and/ or anxiety.

As a sober companion Michael provides both therapeutic support and addiction recovery counseling. He creates a therapeutic structure that supports client’s long term sobriety by providing them with the tools and skills to live a sober life. 

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The Healing Power of Somatic Body Psychology

Heal the Body, Heal the Soul. The study of Somatic Experiencing was first developed through the observation of animals in the wild. Despite frequently facing life threatening situations, they are able to return quickly to their normal lives. What makes humans so much more susceptible to the devastating effects of trauma?

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