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Innovation in Body/ Mind Fitness: Integration of Somatic (Body-Centered) Therapy Practices Into Fitness for Optimal Health

Michael George Hofrath

*Corresponding Author: Michael George Hofrath, Pacifica Graduate Institute and Whole Body Soul Health Coach, author, speaker and workshop presenter, Los Angeles, California, USA. Received: January 14, 2017; Published: January 21, 2017

Somatic Depth Psychologist, leading celebrity trainer, wellness innovator and Whole-Body Health Coach, Michael George Hofrath introduces a revelatory body/ mind program to the world of fitness. He integrates performance-based, functional movement fitness training technology with the latest in exercise science, neuroscience and somatic body-based psychotherapy practices for accelerated body transformation results. Connection with the body mind system leads to a truly holistic, lifestyle altering whole-body health transformation experience.


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The Healing Power of Somatic Body Psychology

Heal the Body, Heal the Soul. The study of Somatic Experiencing was first developed through the observation of animals in the wild. Despite frequently facing life threatening situations, they are able to return quickly to their normal lives. What makes humans so much more susceptible to the devastating effects of trauma?

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