Body Mind Wholeness Philosophy

Michael’s body mind wholeness philosophy utilizes a vastly diversified psychodynamic, somatic and shamanic approach. As a somatic practitioner my approach moves through a ‘Jungian-based’, depth-oriented lens, while incorporating EMDR, NeuroAffective Touch and Psychedelic-assisted Facilitation and Integration. The focus of such an approach is to heal unresolved, un-integrated, unconscious trauma wounding and soul injuries in psyche and soul, versus just pathologizing symptoms.

This is a naturally holistic approach that delves into the underworld of the unconscious through soma (the body) to uncover the origin, or root cause, of psychic wounding through an in-depth inquiry process. My approach takes into account all aspects of an individuals life.  Their childhood, lifestyle, belief patterns, conscious thought patterns and their self-talk, which alludes to self-acceptance and self-love.

The intention of this philosophy is to assist individuals in becoming more consciously aware of the deeper truths underneath the issues, and to facilitate a re-connection with their body and their feeling states. This allows for processing and integration to re frame old stories, limiting belief systems into a more positive framework.  From a bio-psychosocial perspective depth practices tend to be more of an intuitive process with primary focus on the needs of psyche, versus having an agenda or systematized treatment plan to alleviate pain and suffering and heal unresolved psychic wounds that are often hidden in the unconscious realm.

True healers understand the necessity of working through the ‘wounded healer’ archetype. This means that the practitioner is an active participant and has  ‘skin in the game’.  Somatic ‘bottom-up’ processing bridges the gap between the unconscious realm of psyche and soul’, and the conscious realm to open the flood gates for reconnecting with our authentic self. Depth practices are highly efficacious in reducing and transmuting emotional discomfort and adverse behavioral patterns for  individuation.

Utilization of a holistic, integrative approach reduces fear, anger, shame, guilt and self-sabotage behavior held deep within soma (the body) and lodged in the Polyvagal nervous system. This allows individuals to feel safe in their body and be more embodied. Living an embodied life allows us to be more present, to feel our feelings and be more aware of our emotional states. We learn how to truly connect with others, communicate our needs and wants openly and honestly without feeling like we have to apologize or constantly explain ourselves. We develop a more truthful relationship with Self and with others, possess the ability to make more right choices versus wrong choices, and have healthier behavioral and thought patterns. In doing so we alter our perception of Self in relationship to the world at large. The intention is to integrate and dissipate all that no longer serves us, so we can live a fully expressed, authentic life, and feel whole in mind, body and spirit.


  • EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming
  • Jungian-based Depth Practices
  • NeuroAffective Touch (NAT)
  • Somatic Experiencing Embodiment & Movement Practices
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Transpersonal Psycho-Spiritual Counseling
  • Gestalt & Primal Approaches
  • Object-Relations
  • Focusing & Tracking
  • Hakomi Method
  • Dream Tending

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